The Music Comes Alive...then it Crashes


Lonesome Crow #6 (February 1991-October 1991)

Kelley Allison Voc
Todd Sale Gtr
Dennis Stilwell Bass
Mike Stilwell Drums


August 14, 1991-Twister's, Richmond Va

August 30, 1991-Whistlers, Richmond, Va

Lonesome Crow (also to be re-named Centrifuge later in the year) became a family oriented band in the winter of 1991. By happenstance, Todd bumped into his cousin, Kelley Allison at a family function, and while the two were reminiscing, they started talking music. Soon, she was in the band and it was the Stilwell Brothers and the Sale Clan forging ahead with a dark, powerful and re-energized band. Exhaustive work had been done over the winter to write new material and to prune off the dead weight and to rearrange that which could be saved. What emerged was a tight and disciplined sound.

Old material had been re-born, and new tracks such as 'When the Sun Grows Cold' and 'Destined to Meet the Assassin' pushed the envelope into creativity even further. The spring and summer were spent getting everything fine tuned and ready for public consumption, so to speak. By the end of July, 1991, everything was ready. The band even changed their name to Centrifuge in hopes of better things to come.

By the time the band had gotten around to starting to play live, the usual suspects took their toll. After just a few gigs with the revamped lineup, everything came crashing down. Everyone needed a break from each other, and everyone went their separate ways.

Or did they?

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