Off Axis Thrives

Off Axis #4 (April 1993-November 1993)

Jack Burrows Drums
Todd Sale Gtr
Shane Spooner Bass

When Dennis left, the band focused initially on finding a singer. Another musician was not what the guys were searching for. Plenty of material was written in this time, but there wasn't anyone to sing it. Several potential vocalists were auditioned, but many of them seemed to think that the band would back them up, instead of them joining a band. At one point Shane tried to convince Jack and Todd to take one of the better singers up on the offer, but they refused, citing how much work had gone into making their own material.

Off Axis #5 (November 1993-April 1995)

Jack Burrows Drums
Todd Sale Gtr, Voc
Shane Spooner Bass
Mike Stilwell Gtr, Voc


June 3, 1994-Twisters, Richmond Virginia

June 25, 1994-Crazy Charlies, Richmond Virginia

Jack's Favorite: Rush Todd's Favorite: Black Sabbath! Shane's Favorite: Whitesnake! One of Mike's Favorites: Blue Oyster Cult!

Off Axis (1994) L to R: Shane Spooner, Todd Sale, Jack Burrows, Mike Stilwell

Without much luck finding a singer, the band persevered on writing material. Having unsuccessfully pursued vocalists, the trio added Mike Stilwell to the fold as a guitarist. He contributed immediately, providing lyrics to a host of finished musical pieces that had no words, and were basically numerically named. As a quartet, disgusted with their inability to land a singer, Todd and Mike decided to do the singing themselves. The band reached their creative and working peak as a unit at this time, the band was harmonious as friends and as a band. In retrospect, adding another member was a bad move, as this rendition of the lineup handled everything just fine.

The band developed a twin guitar attack, that was highly reminiscent of some of their favorite bands (Wishbone Ash, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden). The songs were in the AOR vein, with long guitar breaks and dueling leads.

The band would play a pair of shows in June of 1994, and after those shows, the band would take some time to look for a vocalist again, before canning the idea until the following year.


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